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 The Rules!!

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The Rules!! Empty
PostSubject: The Rules!!   The Rules!! Icon_minitimeTue Feb 02, 2010 6:12 pm

Those are the rules that members here at Pokeshadows must comply with. If we've missed anything, do notify us here.

Messages that do not contribute to the conversation, flame other users, are incredibly short, including excess slang, have very poor grammar, or use inappropriate formatting are not allowed. It will result in an infraction.

Profanity is allowed mildly, however it should not be used excessively and never can be used to insult other users. Doing so will result in an infraction. It may, however, be used for rhetoric or in role plays/fan fiction. PG-13 flagged threads do allow for unlimited profanity, however it still must not be directed at other users.

Double Posting
Double posting generally does not result in infractions, however it is looked down upon. Instead, simply edit the old post. If you do accidentally double post, it is advised that you merge one post into the other, then delete the one not merged.

Thread Revival
Reviving threads, also known as bumping, is classified as posting a thread that already exists in the first twenty threads in a forum (usually the first page) or that has not been posted in for 60 days is generally not allowed. In both cases you will generally be infracted, though new users may simply be warned.

It should be noted that owners of threads in the creativity corner may ignore these rules, while in fan fictions people participating may also post even if the threads have not been posted in for more than 60 days.

Intentionally posting links to sites that contain malware or attaching files with malware is strictly prohibited and will result in an automatic ban.

Posting ROMs, illegal content, or other forms of Warez will result in an automatic ban. Posting links to this content may result in an infraction depending on the severity of the material.

Pornography and Violence
Porn and violent or drug-related images are strictly prohibited.

You may not post links to products to other sites or products. New users will encounter an automatic ban if they have not posted any other contributing content, while existing users will generally only be infracted.

Be nice to others:
Respect others
- Try to explain what you're saying and say it clearly, so that others will understand you.
- Don't bash others for grammar/spelling mistakes. We're a multilingual community.
- No insults, blackmail, threats, manipulation, humiliation, etc.
- Don't discuss religion or politics as these turn into flamewars.
- Don't curse or use foul language.
- Try to give credit if you use someone else's picture.

Be nice to the forums:
-Don't mock the Forums by advertising other sites. Your sig is an exception, as are links to our Participating sites and well-known sites/pokedexes with relevant information about the subject being discussed.
- Try to create threads where they belong. You'll save us the work of moving them.
- When you create a thread, make sure another one with the same topic is not already there.
- Don't try to get around the Forum's security or do fraudulent activities such as multiple registrations.
- Don't argue with the staff. You're welcome to PM a mod when you think a staff did something wrong. But if an admin says it's final, it's final.

Finally, be sure to have fun ^^

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The Rules!!
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